Privacy Statement

1. General Information
Tüyap Fairs Organization Group, hereafter referred to as "TÜYAP", is committed to ensuring that the privacy of those, who visit its website, is safeguarded. This privacy statement explains which data of visitors are collected by TÜYAP during their visits, and how they are used and safeguarded. TÜYAP commits hereby to abide by the existing and valid data protection regulations, when processing and using the data in question.

By visiting the web pages of TÜYAP, you consent to the conditions of this Privacy Statement and to the collection and usage of your data according to this Privacy Statement.

This Privacy Statement does not apply to the websites, to which TÜYAP website may link.

2. Which data is collected and how?
a. Non-personal data collected automatically 

TÜYAP collects the data sent through your internet browser automatically. These data include generally the IP address of your internet service provider, your operating system name (like Macintosh® or Windows®) and your internet browser version (Internet Explorer® or Netscape®). The data sent through your web browser vary according to your web browser settings. You can check your browser settings to find out which data are sent, and how to make adjustments.

Data sent by your browser are non-personal data. We use this data to build statistics that can help us to improve our web pages and make them more compatible with the technologies used by our visitors.

b. Cookies

When you visit one of our web pages, we may store some of the data from your computer as cookies. Cookies are small text files that are placed to your browsers' cookie file by a website. They enable the websites to remember your personal computer at your future visits.

This means, that when you visit one of our web pages, our web server registers your IP address, as well as the information of web pages through which you've reached our website. Apart from that, the websites you've visited and the durations of your visits are also registered. This information is used to help us in improving the content of our websites and collecting anonymous statistics about the usage of our website.

The information transferred through cookies is not to be used for any promotional and marketing purposes. Through cookies TÜYAP monitors the forms of usage to be able to improve the usefulness and effectiveness of its website.

c. Personal Data Voluntarily Submitted by You 

When you use TÜYAP web pages, TÜYAP collects the data you provide knowingly (e.g. the data you provide when you register to receive e-mail notifications, or fill out a questionnaire or a form, or when you send an e-mail through feedback). Those data provided by you will in many cases be personal data.

TÜYAP uses this personal data in accordance with your aim of providing it. For example; when you give your e-mail address to register for receiving e-mail notifications, we use your e-mail address to send you the e-mail notifications you have requested.

TÜYAP may use the data collected through the website for various commercial purposes; for customer service, market research, improving our products and services or for providing you and your company with information we believe may be of interest to you. We may also delete all personal data or use the data for statistical and scientific purposes. However, this information is under no circumstance to be shared with third parties.

Should you choose not to provide any personal information requested by TÜYAP, your access to some parts of the website may be restricted, or you may have a restricted usage of the website services or functions. Or we may not be able to answer to your requests.

d. Social Media Plug-ins.

Social bookmarks (eg Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or LinkedIn) allow users of some social media platforms to send TÜYAP website links to their own social media profiles, so that they are able to add bookmarks or share the links with their social media contacts.

TÜYAP web pages may contain Social Bookmarks which can be distinguished by their respective share buttons. Unless you disable the acceptance and storage of cookies in your browser settings, if you become a member of the social media platform, operators of these social media platforms may allow your sites visit information to be tracked.

If you use Social Bookmarks, you may submit some personally identifiable information to the related social media platform. Comments made or transactions executed by individuals using Social Bookmarks are not controlled nor approved by TÜYAP. Thus, TÜYAP is not to be held responsible or liable for those comments or transactions. Individuals, who share the content of TÜYAP websites through Social Bookmarks, do not have the authority to represent or speak on behalf of TÜYAP. Their ideas and opinions are to be considered as their own, and not as of TÜYAP.

3. Security measures for safeguarding your personal information
TÜYAP takes appropriate security measures to protect your personal information against unauthorized access, unauthorized alteration, disclosure, loss or destruction of data, whether by accident or design

Your personal information is stored either in TÜYAP's database or in the database of our service providers. TÜYAP takes appropriate security measures for the safeguarding of the privacy, security and integrity of personal data. These include for example using SSL protocols for managing the security of transmissions on the internet. TÜYAP ensures taking the necessary safety measures for the safeguarding of your personal information against unauthorized disclosure, misusage or alteration. However, as with all computer networks connected to the internet, TÜYAP cannot guarantee the security of the data provided via internet and disclaims any liability for breaches of security beyond our reasonable control.

4. Links to other websites
This Website Privacy Statement applies only to TÜYAP's web pages; it does not apply to third-party web pages. We may provide links to some websites that we think might interest you. However, TÜYAP cannot guarantee the privacy standards of those websites, thus, it cannot be held responsible for the content of any website other than its own. When visiting those websites via the links provided on TÜYAP's website, you should always check the privacy policies of those websites.

5. Changes to this Website Privacy Statement
TÜYAP reserves the right to amend, add new information, remove or update this Website Privacy Statement, or the information and materials on TÜYAP's web pages, any given time without any notice. The updates will be reflected on this web page. The last line of this Website Privacy Statement indicates the latest update date.

6. For more information
If you have any questions about the security of our website, please contact us at