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  • Our Dear Customers, The Brightpack brand has been founded by a team of young, dynamic and most important innovators who have gained experience in leading organizations in the industry for many years and have the youngest staff in the sector. This young team, pursuing the dream of producing the most suitable machine for customer demands, is producing hygienic, reliable and next-generation AR-GE works by firstly aiming human health first in this way with the slogan of \\\"Reliable Solutions\\\". Along with the machines we do, we are always aware that not only selling machines but also winning our customers who will use them will lead us to the right way. For this reason, we give our word that we will work with our full strength to make our esteemed customers sure that we are always with you based on your expectations and needs. Do not forget that Bright-pack will always be with its customers. Regards BRIGHT-PACK
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Milky desserts, cheese and cheese varieties, salami, sausage, hotdog, ravioli, bread and bakery products.

Product Details

\"The M model is a versatile machine that responds to customers\' requests in the most of the machines we have manufactured. It is designed to work with both hard and soft foil which can meet different requirements. When requested, many automation systems such as label, inkjet, scales can be connected to my machine from the outside. Easy mold changing is designed to work with different flexibility with the recipe system. Vacuum and food gas processing is applied to your products with zero precision for long shelf life. The main chassis is long life even in the most demanding working environment because it is made of 304 quality stainless steel material including all the parts including the carriage feet. In all stations, special coating processes are applied against corrosion. All components used are of European origin and have all necessary certifications. It is designed to work in maximum 5 mold formats according to the container shapes that the customer needs. All the user mistakes that may occur with the remote access system of your PLC and servo motor controlled machine have been created against some electronic problems. In BRT-M MODEL we use the world\'s best quality products in pneumatic, automation and vacuum line in our machine and apply the latest technology. It is a comprehensive machine model that you can make many product ranges for our valuable customers on the same machine.\"