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  • Censa Mekatronik San.Tic.Ltd..Şti is an innovative innovative thinking and solution oriented company. The products it manufactures are primarily to protect the national capital. Having adopted the principle of devotion and sacrifice to increase the competitive power and quality of manufacturing companies, Censa Mechatronics prepares all its designs in this direction and presents them to the use of other manufacturers and manufacturers. Undoubtedly, being one of the building stones that will bring Turkey to be a technologically productive country with this thought, it gives us pride and work ethic
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CMD-2000 With the help of hydraulic cylinders, 1500 mm diameter and 2000 mm wide paper, nonwoven, Opp, Po, etc. The material is taken as \'LoadCel\' according to the knowledge of the pneumatic firenn control with the help of tension control to the process area. Tapered rollers are used to help the rubber covered rolls used in winding process. This allows the material to move more easily through the machine. The material which has been progressed in a comfortable way is cut by a circle knife or razor system according to its characteristics and the winding unit working with peripheral drive logic is also cut by about 200 m / min. Wrapped in speed. After the material winding operation is finished, the machine is lowered from the machine to be shipped to the next processing area with the help of the crane connected to the machine body



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Product Details

Is an auxiliary instrument that translates 0-10 volts analogue information into mechanical action. The system is an electromechanical structure designed to keep the position of the material (paper cloth opp po nonwoven, etc.) between the two sensors at the center at all times and to provide mobility with stepper motor. However, in some cases it is also used to shift the material right and left on the rolls. These equipments have very variable width, height and height as they have wide usage area. If you want to know where your material is, or work on two different materials on a line, you should use an appropriate edge control for your system. As CENSA MEKATRONIK family we are here to provide solutions for you and we will always try to be one step ahead of you for your business