Hall : 10 - Stand : 1005

  • Hall : 10 - Stand : 1005

  • Yukarı Dudullu Mah. İMES Sanayi Sitesi E-Blok 501. Sok No:3
  • +90 216 499 8999
  • www.kuzeyglobal.com
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  • In late 1970’s Manufacturing history of our Company started with mold making as USTA KALIP which was one of the first mold manufacturing workshop in Turkey. In 1995 This followed the Production of thermoforming machines in the name of Cag Machinery (CMK). In 2015 it started the manufacturing of extruder line and this product become a part of our factory production. Our company now continues manufacturing machine and molds under the KUZEYGLOBAL brand. Research and development have always played a significant role for our company.KUZEYGLOBAL is a key market player in this industry.Kuzey is the only company that can manufactures and supplies turn key projects under its own brand in Turkey. Our policy is sustained development; the technological improvement and customer satisfaction based on confidence. We draw upon the extensive knowledge to provide the best solutions that meet customer requirements KUZEY GLOBAL always made investments in research and development to realize the becoming a worldwide leading company target.Kuzey Group stands for innovations, highest quality and global service. Our product range includes ; - KG Series / In-mould forming & cutting type machines and equipments, -CMK Series / Forming and steel rule cutting type machines and equipments , -Extruder lines and equipments.
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Thermoforming machines , Extruder lines

Thermoforming machines , Extruder lines

Thermoforming lines

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Sheet production and sheet forming machine with stacking and packing system