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  • Hall : 1 - Stand : 108

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  • ACE PACK is well known as one of the world’s leading manufacturers for the high speed forming machines with greater reliability and long-term operation. We have been doing businesses with the world’s famous cup makers and instant noodle company for beverages and food packaging. One of our strengths is to be able to fulfill customer’s special requirement by developing and manufacturing customized machines for a wide range of sizes, shapes and materials. ACE PACK has been engaged in high quality cup production and paper cup machinery for 20 years. Based on our experience, we are manufacturing and exporting converting machinery for the production of paper cups for beverages and ice-cream, paper buckets for fried chicken and popcorn, outer sleeves for instant noodles and hot coffee, calippo-style tubes, ice-cream cone sleeves, printing and punching machines and contamination inspection machinery for the interior of paper cups. Especially, latest high speed paper cup forming machine EAGLE-1800 and high speed outer sleeve forming machine EAGLE-1800 OW for double wall paper and plastic cup are widely welcomed from our new customers as well as existing customers for its stability and improved speed. ACE PACK machinery can be found in countries all over the world with active performance in Asia, Europe, South and Central America. We take pride in offering our customers in the global market quality equipment.
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Paper cup forming machine (Model : Eagle-1800) & Auto Packing Machine (Model : APP-200)

Paper cup forming machine & Auto Packing Machine

Product Details

The EAGLE-1800 produces various cups for hot and cold beverages; ice cream, yoghurts, soups and snacks using one or both-sided PE coated paperboard. - 220 cups/min high speed production with stability and long term operation - A full range of cup sizs from 4oz to 36oz - All gear driven main shafts (no chain used) - Multifunctional system option : Rim flattening, Contamination Detector for cup inside, B ottom markings, Groove line - Simple forming station and minimum stroke - Easy operation - Easy maintenance with bolting structure - Cheap operating cost - Reduced noise