Hall : 7 - Stand : 701A

  • Hall : 7 - Stand : 701A

  • İstanbul Tuzla Kimya Sanayicileri OSB Melek Aras Bulvarı Aromatik Cadde no:79
  • +90 444 3 198
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  • MASAŞ SERVES YOU WITH THE WORLD STANDARDS BY COMBINING ITS EXPERIENCE OF MORE THAN 40 YEARS WITH CONTEMPORARY TECHNOLOGIES... MASAŞ offers decorative / fancy metal boxes to various sectors such as food, medical, cosmetics, stationery and garment to be used as promotional products and packages. MASAŞ is an integrated facility. With its design and R&D department, graphics studio, Offset printing press and CNC-equipped molding workshop incorporated into the facility, MASAŞ is proud of meeting all your requirements in the metal packaging field. Our main principle is to deliver the best quality to our customers on time through fast service and convenient prices. Our factory is located in Istanbul on 12000 m2 is as an enclosed area. Our daily production capacity is 100.000 pieces in 8 different forms. Although our production with 120 employees is aimed at the domestic market, we are currently exporting to 44 countries including EU members. Our products are in 110 different forms, consisting mainly of two or three-pieces round, square, heart-shaped, oval and polygonal boxes and trays, metal coasters and metal plate and the number increases everyday
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