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  • The power that bends steel and the precision that finishes edges. The concentrated energy of a spark and the millimetric precision of a design. All this is combined in Yakacı Şafak Solution, a company that manufactures forming sets: the heart of the packaging machine, that shapes the bags used for foods and other products. From the business\\\'s origins as a small person firm, consolidated in 6 years of history in the forming set industry, in 2011 Şafak ERGEN founded Yakacı Şafak Forming Solution and launched the new brand. With the aid of a small team with a high level of expertise, he succeeded in achieving constant growth, continually affirming the quality and know-how acquired. Yakacı Şafak Forming Solution manufactures unique, customised forming sets, conceived and designed in-house and still processed by hand. Today ten skilled craftsmen, engineers and salesmen contribute to the production of forming sets for the domestic and international market. The positive work environment, can-do attitude and manual skill are central not only to Yakacı Şafak Forming Solution but also to every forming set created.
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