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  • founded in 1988 as a workshop by şaban Yilmaz Yilmaz lathe Lathe spare parts service and maintenance in those years in which it operates in terms of providing support services to the companies . Technical and operational capabilities and increasing investments in manufacturing capacity in the last years as a result of staff and machinery to build trails in 2002, Ikitelli Org.san.bolg.de Yilmaz machine manufacturing in 450 m2 closed area San.veTic. Ltd. Ltd. started to work by taking the title. provide better and faster service to its customers in the months of November 2010 and increased machine production capacity in order to meet with a covered area of 1100 m2 MACHINE YILMAZ moved to a new address sustainable development, completed the installation on behalf of brand beliefs as a result of YILPAK owned R & D and continues to invest in the technology sector with the center of the assembly. Design, manufacture and installation, an expert in personnel, and aims to be a leader in the industry with improved machinery overseas factories to customers Yilmaz machine is working with regard to the export of machinery and spare parts in line with customers positive feedback from customers and suppliers to be among the indispensable development continued unabated is committed to serving as the primary target. serves as Yilmaz machine, and its portfolio company, national and international companies who are leaders in the industry, succeeding in the layer (see Fig.references), and expanded the range of services, both as a supplier plays a key role in a company that is a solution which has reached the position of partner. Past years of experience, and understand the exact needs of the customers and quality with an understanding of required solutions in a very short time, with the optimum cost and high quality vertical packaging machine without compromising functionality which aims to offer the experience gained in the processes that it started in 2007 Yilmaz vertical packaging machines with high precision weighing units, and R & D studies, in 2008 YEARS to customers-PAK vertical packaging and process equipment offered as a product with the brand in the market has taken place. YILMAZ MACHINERY, OHSAS 18001-2007 occupational health and safety management system in line with increased business volume, and quality management system ISO 9001-2008 (CE) EC Declaration of conformity certificates by taking continued to invest in safety and quality systems. YEAR-already with the brand PAK R & D efforts ongoing in new models along with their packaging process serving in various capacities manual or fully automatic vertical packaging machines, weighbridges product dosing units, conveyor systems, checkweigher, form tubes, and packet striping machines in the production of machines strecleme continues. Turkish vertical packaging weighing dosing units and other products in the market from quite high as their performance speed and accuracy, optimum stands out with very low costs and maintenance costs.
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Vertical Packaging Machines

Vertical Packaging Machines

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YILPAK packaging machines, fully automatic vertical packing machine, compliance with work safety rules, maximum speed, long lifetime, low maintenance cost and is designed for operational efficiency.