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  • Established in 1954, OCME is a leading packaging machinery company, head- quartered in Parma - Italy, and operating globally, which provides premium, innovation-based solutions for packaging consumer goods.
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Rotary Weight Filler for Edible Oil

Product Details

Virgo is the new weight filler for edible oil proposed by OCME, ensuring high performance and efficiency. This machine has been conceptualized in such a way to become a unique combo with the Blow Moulder. Virgo, which is flexible and can be realized either with neck or body handling, can satisfy all requirements in terms of production speed and type of containers. Virgo ensures the highest filling accuracy thanks to its highly advanced electronics based on algorithms developed during 20 years of application. The rejection system at machine outfeed discards non-conforming product. By the end of the production cycle, all the product inside Virgo is recovered in order to minimize waste. Virgo is equipped with a control unit dedicated to safety management, ensuring maximum reliability, all including stainless steel and tempered glass perimeter guards . Finally, the machine control and supervisor PC allows to monitor weighing statistics and data logging for each container. This ensures maximum control of production batches.



Shrink-wrap packers

Product Details

Vega HT is the shrink-wrap packer proposed by OCME In 1986, OCME began developing the shrink-wrapping technology with a degree of flexibility never reached before. Vega HT is the solution to the problem of handling thinner film and lighter bottles whilst ensuring total adaptability to different packaging format, reduced changeover times and reduced energy consumption. Vega HT is available in various versions: film only, flat pad and film, tray and film with flat pad,... The range is completed by the Vega HT Advance version for high speeds, from 100 to 150 cycles/minute.



Robot Palletiser

Product Details

The configuration of the robotic island is customizable according to the type of container to be processed and depending on the line speed. Pegasus machines are divided into two families, depending on the gripping head chosen: row picking and layer picking robot. Before the palletising stage, the row is formed by a series of motorized conveyor belts, or the layer (in whole or in part) is formed by the Mizar forming unit. OCME gripping heads are motorized or pneumatic, equipped with plates without layer lower support (OCME patent) or are jalousie grippers. The range is completed by Pegasus Alpha and Pegasus Advance models. Pegasus Alpha is OCME row picking robot palletiser of standard configuration. Whereas Pegasus Advance, with its 630 layers/hour, is the highest performance version of OCME\'s palletisers.