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  • OBERON MARKETING IMPORT/EXPORT INDUSTRY AND TRADE LTD INC. Started working at the beginning of 2017 with the purpose of meeting the demands of our business partners in the packaging sector. In consideration of our 20 years of experience and accumulation, our goal is to reach a higher reputation level at the sector in a short time and provide professional service to you as PACKAGING SOLUTION EXPERT. OBERON MARKETING IMPORT/EXPORT INDUSTRY AND TRADE LTD INC. Our purpose is to deliver our wide product range and the right product at the right time, in the right place with a pricing of good quality and economy to our business partners. Designing and producing its own products in line with the demands, OBERON also does the distributorship of the leading companies of Turkey. We are serving our customers with the policy of mutual enrichment without sacrificing commercial and human values.
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Packaging products

Thermoformed products, İnjection products, Preform, Aluminum caps, Aluminum containers, Auminum and Stretch foil. Viol and Separators. Cardboard packaging. Cardboard cups

Product Details

Thermoform products Ayran, water, fruit juice glasses. Yoghurt, sweet casings, sealed containers, meat containers, salad and fruit containers Injection products, yogurt buckets, ice cream, dates and dessert containers. Preform products, PET bottles and PC demijohn, Aluminum buttermilk and yogurt covers, Aluminum and stretch foil, Aluminum containers. PVC, PET, PP, PS covers, Ayran, yoghurt, fruit, seedling separators Cardboard cups and packages.