Why Exhıbıt?

Eurasia Packaging 2017
ambalaj fuarı neden katilmalisiniz

Fınd new dıstrıbutıon channels

You can find new channels via more than 55.000 visitors from 94 countries.

Generate new sales leads

More than 50% of the visitors target to give orders after the exhibitions.

Reach new markets

With more than 6000 international visitors from 93 countries you can reach new markets.

Save tıme and money

Do not chase after prospective clients individually, you can find and connect with them at Eurasia Packaging Fair

Launch new products

You can launch new products and display them at the premier showcase of the Eurasian region.

Antıcıpate future market changes

You can see the latest trends and anticipate future market changes.

For detailed information about the fair, please contact with the project team.